Archive of Previous Seasons

Fixtures, Results and League Tables

Since the 1918-19 season, we have been using the ECF League Management System (LMS) to run the Torbay Chess League competitions. Click here to view our "previous seasons" page on the LMS.

For prior seasons, we do not have a complete archive, but in the table below, where a link is active you can view the final results and league tables for the season in question.

Season Results Tables KO Cup
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Past Trophy Winners

Researching past winners of the various Torbay League competitions is work in progress... but the current status of this research is summarised below.

Season Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Knockout Rapidplay
2017-18 Newton Abbot Newton Abbot South Hams Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth
2016-17 Newton Abbot South Hams South Hams South Hams Newton Abbot South Hams
2015-16 Plymouth Newton Abbot South Hams Plymouth Plymouth South Hams
2014-15 Newton Abbot Newton Abbot South Hams Plymouth Newton Abbot Newton Abbot
2013-14 Plymouth Newton Abbot Plymouth Plymouth TBGS Newton Abbot
2012-13 Newton Abbot Newton Abbot Plymouth Teignmouth Teignmouth Plymouth
2011-12 Newton Abbot & TBGS shared TBGS Plymouth Teignmouth Plymouth Newton Abbot
2010-11 Newton Abbot TBGS Plymouth Newton Abbot Torquay Plymouth
2009-10 Newton Abbot Plymouth Newton Abbot Torquay Torquay
2008-09 Newton Abbot Plymouth Plymouth Torquay Newton Abbot
2007-08 Teignmouth St Marychurch Plymouth Plymouth Newton Abbot
2006-07 St Marychurch St Marychurch Plymouth Plymouth Totnes
2005-06 Teignmouth Plymouth Plymouth South Hams
2004-05 Teignmouth Plymouth South Hams Totnes
2003-04 Teignmouth Totnes
2002-03 St Marychurch Totnes South Hams
2001-02 St Marychurch
1999-00 South Hams
1998-99 Teignmouth
1997-98 Teignmouth Plymouth Plymouth South Hams
1996-97 Teignmouth Teignmouth Plymouth
1995-96 Teignmouth Plymouth Plymouth Teignmouth
1994-95 Palace (Torquay) Plymouth Teignmouth
1993-94 Torquay Palace Torbay Jnrs & Totnes shared
1992-93 Teignmouth
1991-92 Palace (Torquay) Dartington & Teignmouth shared
1990-91 Teignmouth Torbay Jnrs
1989-90 Palace (Torquay) Brixham
1988-89 Palace (Torquay) Teignmouth
1987-88 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1986-87 Palace (Torquay) Teignmouth
1985-86 Palace (Torquay) Teignmouth
1984-85 Teignmouth Teignmouth & Totnes shared
1983-84 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1982-83 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1981-82 Teignmouth Totnes
1980-81 Palace Paignton
1978-79 Torquay Teignmouth
1977-78 Torquay Totnes Castle
1976-77 Torquay Totnes Castle
1974-75 Torquay
1973-74 Torquay
1972-73 Teignmouth Torquay
1971-72 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1970-71 Teignmouth Totnes
1969-70 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1968-69 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1967-68 Teignmouth Paignton
1966-67 Dartmouth Teignmouth
1965-66 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1964-65 Totnes Teignmouth
1963-64 Paignton Teignmouth
1962-63 Teignmouth Torquay
1961-62 Teignmouth Teignmouth
1960-61 Torquay
1959-60 Totnes Totnes
1958-59 Teignmouth Totnes
1957-58 Paignton Totnes