Help for Viewing a Game from the Database with the Chessbase Game Viewer

Click on any move in the right hand box, and the board will display the position after that move. The mini light by the bottom right hand corner of the board will show which player is to move next. At any point in the game, if you want to analyse a variation then simply drag the pieces over the board using your mouse pointer, and the variation will appear as a new "line" in the move list on the right hand side. Any imbalance between the white and black pieces captured will be displayed below the moves on the right hand side.

Here is how to use the icons below the chessboard. Note that currently the Fritz analysis engine only works with the following browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera (make sure you have the latest versions installed).

Click to toggle between a smaller and larger chessboard size.
Click to toggle between White's and Black's view.
Click to start or stop the Fritz analysis engine. When the engine is running, click on the or buttons to the right of the analysis to increase or decrease the number of lines you want the engine to analyse.
Click to start Autoplay. The default is 3 seconds per move, but it will go more slowly if you hold the Shift key while clicking, and more quickly if you hold the Alt or Ctrl key while clicking.
Click to make the next move. You can also use the right arrow key on your keyboard.
Click to take back a move. You can also use the left arrow key on your keyboard.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can use the icons below the moves on the right hand side to edit, promote or delete lines. Hover over an icon to get a preview of what it does.

Please contact Webmaster if you have any comments on how the display of games from the database can be improved.

Click the back button on your browser to return to the display of the selected game.